Welcome as a exhibitor at Trucking Old School July 11, 2020!

Exhibitor pass and entrance
As an exhibitor you pay 300 SEK per truck to attend Trucking Old School. You also get access to the Old Trucks on Track event and a lunch ticket which can be used on Friday or Saturday at Ring Knutstorp's restaurant. Entrance is free for passengers.
If you also want to drive on the track with Old Trucks on Track, which is arranged on Friday, the track fee, SEK 200, is paid on site. You must arrive by 9am on Friday at the latest in order to be able to drive on the track. See their website for more information.

The event's opening hours are:

Old Trucks On Track
Friday 10/7 9 am-4pm

Trucking Old School
Friday 10/7 9am - 8pm
Saturday 11/7 10:00 - 19:00

Admission for visitors to both Old Trucks on Track and Trucking Old School is free this year. This year we have invited the organization Skånes Änglar for the children of Skåne who would like to receive a voluntary entrance to their fantastic activities. Read more about their work here.

You can arrive as an exhibitor in Trucking Old School:
Thursday 9/7 from 17: 00-21: 00
Friday 10/7 07: 00-22: 00 (latest 9:00 to participate in banking with Old Trucks on Track)
Saturday 11/7 07: 00-08: 00

Accommodation and camping
It is allowed to stay in the truck as an exhibitor and there are toilets and showers nearby. It is not allowed to have a caravan attached after the truck in the exhibition area. All caravans must be in a separate campsite. There are limited places for camping so contact Ring Knutstorp and book a place. There is also a smaller number of 4-bed cottages for rent. More info on Ring Knutstorp's website.

Before you sign up, please read our rules of conduct:

There is a total honk ban in the area.
In the area there is a ban on repeated gassing.
Alcohol consumption is prohibited in the exhibition area for Trucking Old School. The restaurant has a serving permit.
Drones are not allowed.
Keep clean around your car, garbage bags are obtained
All barbecues at cars or at the Trucking Old School exhibition area are prohibited
All driving without a pilot inside the area is prohibited
Ring Knutstorp takes care of guarding and the guards' instructions must be followed

Registration form

Some fields are mandatory no matter what event you want to attend.
Old Trucks on Track and Trucking Old School is open to Veteran Trucks, Cult Trucks and USA Trucks that fall within the same year models. Veteran buses are also welcome at Old Trucks on Track. We have no class for Pickup whether registered as a heavy vehicle. Both Old Trucks on Track and Trucking Old School are for heavy trucks.
If you want to attend Trucking Old School, the following year models apply:
Veteran truck - 1990
Cult truck 1984 - 1999
United States Truck - 1999
The photo to be uploaded must not exceed 2MB.
Confirmation of your application will be emailed within 14 days
If you have any problems with the registration, please contact Mari at  mari@truckingoldschool.se
The registration closes on 31/5 and we do NOT receive any late registrations.